Mentor Scout

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Mentor Scout

Mentor Scout is a leading online mentoring platform, used by many large global corporations including Xerox, Toyota, United Technologies and ConAgra Foods. Since its launch in 2003, it has helped its clients develop award-winning and world-class mentoring programmes.

We were approached by Mentor Scout who called upon our expertise to overhaul and realign their dated brand, bringing a complete redesign to their online application.



Despite proving itself as an incredibly effective platform for corporate mentoring programmes for over 10 years, the brand had become stagnant. With evolved brand attributes and characteristics no longer being reflected in the identity, there was an evident problem that needed correcting.

Furthermore, while it was clear that a rebrand would be required, it had to be something that could transform their sales effectiveness while avoiding alienating their existing client base.



Mentor Scout’s aim is to empower those undertaking mentor programmes to take the tools and skills learned and inspire others in their team. In initial strategy phases, it was clear this needed to be reflected in the brand identity. The term ‘Thrive Together’ became the driving force in Mentor Scout’s creative direction. The vivid colour palette chosen helped modernise the brand, while also maintaining its appeal to its target consumer.

While targeting large corporate clients, humanising the brand was another key motivation for the Big Fan team. People are central to mentoring programmes and HR and this was achieved through carefully selected supporting imagery and the introduction of an animation to help tell the brand story.

“It is a real pleasure working with the Big Fan team. They take the time to make sure they understand the goals and objectives and then translate that knowledge into their design work. The branding routes that they have developed have been brilliant and the designs perfect. The Big Fan team are smart, hard working, flexible, passionate about design and fun to work with.”

Beth Carvin, CEO

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